People are our best asset in the organisation. That is why we put great effort and care in the physical (health) and mental well-being of our staff. Not only is it of great importance to us that our employees are healthy, we also want them to feel great about their role within our organisation. A business can only grow when its employees are given the opportunity to grow and further develop themselves. To achieve this, we want all our staff to feel great and stay motivated. 

We put great emphasis on creating a pleasant working environment that allows plenty of room for motivation, recognition, rewards, teamwork, etc. At Vleeswaren De Keyser, we encourage personal growth and development, while respecting our employees’ dignity, individuality and rights.

Vleeswaren De Keyser is committed to ongoing investments in its people, in terms of well-being (both physical and mental) as well as training and education:

Working conditions and well-being

To ensure that our employees feel great both physically and mentally, we invest in the following:

  • Physical well-being
    • Day-to-day improvements to ergonomics in the workplace
    • State-of-the-art machinery to reduce physical workloads
    • Automation
    • Guaranteeing and closely monitoring the safety of employees
  • Mental well-being
    • Workload prioritisation (ABCD) to help minimise work-related stress
    • Encouraging teamwork
    • Stimulating internal communication: “talking to each other, not about each other”
    • Continuous dialogue through daily follow-up meetings
    • Creating the opportunity to have a good work-life balance through flexible working hours

Competences and talent (training and education)

Encouraging personal growth and development among employees by creating opportunities for ongoing training and education:

  • training programmes tailored to the individual
  • daily coaching and training on the workfloor
  • organising both internal and external training programmes
  • periodical evaluation and realignment

Realised with intervention of FIT