Processed meat in bulk, slicing bars, slices, cubes or in strips

Processed meat solutions for any need

At Vleeswaren De Keyser, we provide professionals in retail, wholesale and food industries with a large range of bulk, sliced and diced processed meat products. Here are some of the processed meat products we offer: bacondried hams and loin and cooked hamspâtéscooked sausagessalami and fermented meat productspoultry, and bulk products.

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Back to basics

Apart from the fact that we, as a meat manufacturer and supplier, want our processed meat to have great flavour and to taste delicious – an absolute must from a culinary point of view – we also actively develop programmes to promote consumer health and well-being. Well-being is partly based on the intake of all the good things nature has to offer. It provides the energy required to function properly and to maintain an emotional balance. We actively work towards manufacturing products that:

  • contain less sugar
  • contain less fat
  • contain less salt
  • are gluten-free
  • contain no milk
  • are lactose-free
  • contain an ideal ratio of Ω3/ Ω6 fatty acids

Overall, our goal is to manufacture more natural products and to go back to the essence of food.  

In practice, we aim to achieve this throughout our entire product range of processed meats, from bulk products and slicing bars to diced & sliced products.

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