Our quality target 2015 / 2016

According to shareholders and key members of our team, guaranteed quality is the ultimate way to establish a long-term business relationship with clients in the meat manufacturing, food service and distribution industries. Together with all our employees, Remic aims to ensure that all product requirements are met, taking into consideration all aspects regarding food safety, the safety of our team, ethical manufacturing practices, and environmental practices.

Our company operates as part of a value chain. We value a culture of openness towards all our partners, in particular our employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders as well as statutory agencies en monitoring bodies.
The quality objective of our company for 2015 / 2016 consists of a number of ‘SMART’ objectives (S= specific / M= measurable / A= accurate / R= realistic / T= target).

Our overall mission in terms of quality will be achieved by implementing these ‘SMART’ objectives.

Our ‘SMART’ objectives for 2015 / 2016

1. Consolidate:

  • the delivery service level to a minimum weekly average of 98% (in terms of total number of kg supplied by Vleeswaren De Keyser);
  • the cost of non-quality to a maximum of 1% of the total turnover of Vleeswaren De Keyser;
  • the QualityImageScore to a weekly average of 50 minus points as a target.

through extensive product/client strategies based on the “at best cost delivery” principle, an effective purchasing policy, and adequate planning system.

2. Maximum reporting, resolving (NCP list) and reducing of complaints; consolidate product returns < 0.25% of total tonnage. To be achieved through clear instructions and visual standards.

3. Consolidate:

  • the number of CCP-related external complaints to a maximum of 3 per month
  • fresh meat tonnage from Class A suppliers to at least 90%
  • our SafetyManagementSystem (VBS) and resolve at least 1 unsafe situation per month

The above objectives will be achieved with the support of our staff.  

A common objective

The systems and staff operational within our organisation form the perfect foundation for:

  1. delivering end products that meet client specifications
  2. providing an excellent service (delivery service)
  3. meeting specific client requests (packaging, products, allergens, etc.)
  4. meeting the standards of the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) and all legal requirements regarding food safety
  5. taking into consideration the safety of our employees and the protection of the environment
  6. observing general ethical manufacturing practices
  7. aiming towards the production of non-GMO products only

Our approach

A solid process management is required to be able to meet complex demands from clients, legal authorities and stakeholders. Our manufacturing processes are executed according to the most detailed standards, based on clear, unambiguous procedures that are further clarified through instructions. The proper implementation of these procedures and processes is monitored through checkpoint meetings. Concrete proof of the above 3 elements is available in documents (e.g. meeting reports and special documents to request new products or register complaints).

Our internal quality assurance programme represents this approach in our slogan ‘At best cost delivery’. The main objective of our approach is to consistently meet all client specifications for our products.

Our quality labels


Achieving our objectives

All our employees, guided by management and key members of our team, are in charge of implementing our corporate strategy. Our HACCP team coordinates and consists of several key employees: head of quality control, direct supervisors, head of production, management executives, etc. Other team members are added to this group in function of specific project requirements.

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