The meat expert

In need of high-quality cold meat and meat products for processing in sandwich meat fillings, burgers, soups, hot meals, wok & topping, sauces or other processed meat products? Look no further. At Vleeswaren De Keyser, we manufacture and supply meat and meat products as well as semi-processed meat products for retail, supermarket, wholesale and industrial sectors, such as:

Custom meat products

Whatever your end product, we can supply the meat and meat products you need. With cold cuts and deli meats, whether diced in cubes or in strips, sliced, precooked or smoked, the possibilities are virtually endless. And if you are looking for a private label manufacturer for the supply of products of your own brand, we can help you as well. Vleeswaren De Keyser is a leading private label manufacturer in Belgium for pork, chicken and turkey cold cuts and deli meats.

Trust a professional

When you choose Vleeswaren De Keyser, you go for quality, innovation and safety. Contact us today to find out how our meat and meat products can help you. Our two manufacturing sites and our logistics department are always ready to provide you with a wide range of cold cuts and deli meats, and any other meat processing service you may require, anywhere in Europe.

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